The S.W.A.N. Society
in Boston, Inc.


The S.W.A.N. Society in Boston helps many elderly women maintain their standard of living, giving both to individuals with emergency needs and through grants to other organizations who share our goals and support single women who face daunting financial challenges.

Our organization is unique in that we are able to use our discretion to help women who are in desperate financial need. We are one of the few organizations that can pay for these types of expenses. We have been able to assist in paying for medical needs not covered by insurance, such as hearing aids, prescriptions, dental and medical bills and wheelchairs. Grants are also given for a host of needs, including rent assistance, utility bills & heating oil.

All Individual Grants:

Our emergency aid program continues to grow and our goal is to grow our contributions to help support this program. The broad base of agencies that solicit funds on their clients’ behalf has expanded. We continue to educate the social service community about our mission.

Last year we awarded grants to six community organizations and to individuals with emergency needs. At each organization, our funds are used exclusively for the benefit of elderly single women. Our goal is to oversee the grant program with an eye toward expansion, as our finances allow. Click here to view our current agency grants. In 2020 we will award grants to 8 community organizations and to individuals with emergency needs.

All Agency Grants:
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